Reese’s New Popcorn Isn’t Worried About Calories So Neither Should You

Imagine you’ve just made a batch of popcorn on the stove, you’re tired of the regular salt and butter you use all the time and the chocolate syrup is just sitting there. No one is around to judge so a few drizzles won’t hurt anyone. You do and it’s amazing. You’re on a roll so the peanut butter sitting next to the chocolate syrup just feels right.

Boom! You did it, you’re an  artisan of popcorn and your next step is to patent this masterpiece but you forget because adulting is hard and during a grocery run you decided to get Reese’s new chocolate and peanut butter popcorn instead. No, just me?  

Reese’s probably didn’t invent the pairing of chocolate and peanut butter, but man did they find a lane and stuck to it. The chocolate and peanut butter brand recently launched a new treat everyone has had or secretly thought about. Reese’s popcorn features the taste of their infamous chocolate and peanut butter on top of lightly salted popcorn. If you’re into sweet and savory snacks this will be the one to nibble on or down right crush because from recent research it seems the popcorn is only sold in size 20oz bags at Sam’s Club at $6.98. 

It’s been suggested that if you want to add more of the Reese’s taste to the popcorn you can cut some of the cups up (regular sized or minis) and add to the already delicious bowl. All sounds extremely dangerous and I’ll be doing it …. a lot! 

Reese’s has had their hand in our pockets, selling us the same peanut butter and chocolate in new forms for close to a century with Reese’s pieces, Reese’s sticks, and that awkward stink of white Reese’s products. I think I’ll be bagging a few bags for myself. Judge me after January. 

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