LaMelo Ball and Jay-Z Get to Talkin’ at Hornets/Nets Game

Jay-Z and LaMelo Ball had an exchange of words during halftime at a Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Hornets game on Sunday night, and the interaction was all love. 

In a clip posted by Say Cheese TV to Instagram, the 51-year-old rap icon was seen speaking with the 20-year-old Hornet, appearing to be giving him props or maybe advice. The moment was brief since Ball was mid-game, but the fact Jay-Z felt compelled to get up from his courtside seat to speak with Ball must have been a good feeling for him. As well as nerve-wracking. 

Despite Ball having the legendary rap mogul eyeing his every move, Ball kept his composure and helped lead his team to victory—the Hornets won by 16 points. As endearing as Jay-Z and Ball’s entire interaction appear, many are looking past that, inquiring about what they said to each other. 

Their conversation wasn’t picked up by the microphones, leaving many to fill in the blanks about their conversation. If you look at Jay-Z’s lips closely it almost looks like he may be saying “Oh okay. Alright” and “facts boy,” in response to what Ball is saying. 

Many theories have been floating around about the nature of their 11-second convo. Some theories—like Jay-Z conversing with Ball about playing for the Nets or trying to matchmake Ball with Beyoncé’s nieces—are so outlandish it’s comical. 

Whatever the G.O.A.T and the G.O.A.T-in-training were discussing it most likely was uplifting, and could be the development of a possible mentorship. Jay-Z is the definition of hard work, and his insight could be very valuable to Ball. Especially in the realm of business. 

In 2020 LaMelo Ball launched his own clothing line LaFrancé, most likely following in the footsteps of Jay-Z. Jay-Z owned the iconic clothing line Rocawear from 1999 until he sold his brand to the Iconix Brand Group in 2007.

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