Doja Cat And SZA Take You To ‘Planet Her’ With ‘Kiss Me More’

Doja Cat

While we have all danced, twerked and partied to Doja Cat’s 2019 album “Hot Pink,” many of us are ready to add Doja Cat’s latest album “Planet HER” to our playlist. Although Doja Cat’s new album is still in the works, she has given us a taste of “Planet Her” this Friday. 

Doja Cat’s newest pop/R&B single “Kiss Me More,” released April 9, is a beautiful introduction to Doja Cat’s much-awaited upcoming album. “Kiss Me More” is a light-hearted uptempo record that has a fun disco-ish sound that makes you want to dance.

Although the song is already amazing with Doja Cat’s melodious voice and flirtatious rap, reminiscent of Doja Cat’s mega hit “Say So,” the addition of SZA’s euphonious voice made the song that much more spirited. Alongside the bubbly single, Doja Cat also released the colorful “Kiss Me More” music visual.

A beautifully pastel pink ethereal world ruled by two beautiful women, Doja Cat and SZA, outlines the “Kiss Me More” music video, emphasizing that femininity is power. Each shot was cinematographically stunning, and the premise of the music visual is attention-grabbing as well. 

An astronaut, played by “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Alex Landi, explores Planer Her, and after arriving from Earth he is instantly taken on a ride that is seemingly a dream. While the explorative astronaut canoes down the waterway of Planet Her he is captivated by the gigantic extraterrestrial Doja Cat and SZA who are embedded into the planet’s landscape. Towards the end of the visual the astronaut lands in an intimate silk rendezvous with the two queens just before they fully trap him into their video game.

The entire concept of the video embodied strength, seduction, serenity and beauty. Executed exquisitely by director Warren Fu, the “Kiss Me More” music video is a visual depiction of divine femininity, the essence of Doja Cat’s third album.

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