Rihanna Stands Alongside The AAPI Community At A ‘Stop Asian Hate’ Rally In New York


Rihanna has always been outspoken about social injustice, using her platform and influence to help advance social change. On Sunday (April 4) Rihanna illustrated her social advocacy at ground level by marching alongside Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at a “Stop Asian Hate Rally” in New York.

Wearing black shades, a black baseball cap and all black outfit—seemingly incognito—Rihanna proudly stood in solidarity with the Asian American community and right beside her assistant Tina Truong. In an Instagram slideshow Truong showed different scenes of the march, including a video of a masked up Rihanna toting a hot pink sign that said #StopAsianHate. 

Truong’s Instagram slideshow also contained a photo of Rihanna holding a sign that read “HATE=RACISM AGAINST GOD,” while Truong held a sign that read “EVERYBODY vs. RACISM.”  The Fenty Beauty founder energetically supported the cause, dancing in the street as she marched.

Bad gal RiRi even interacting directly with protestors, causing disbelief for one lucky man when he realized he was really standing face-to-face with Ms. RiRi after she gave him her Instagram handle. Truong captured the moment in her Instagram story in which she captioned, “When Rih gives you her IG handle but you think she trolling.” 

After the Atlanta spa shootings that happened March 16 left 8 people murdered, 6 of whom were of Asian descent, Rihanna has used her voice to condemn violence against members of the Asian community. 

“What happened yesterday in Atlanta was brutal, tragic & is certainly not an isolated incident by any means,” Rihanna tweeted. “AAPI hate has been rampantly perpetuated & it’s disgusting! I’m heartbroken for the Asian community & my heart is with the loved ones of those we lost. The hate must stop.”

Rihanna overtly supporting the Asian community and the #StopAsianHate movement not only empowers the social movement but also helps bring the Black community and Asian community closer together.

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