Australian Beauty Artist Criss Scortezz “Preferred” Beauty Method Gains Popularity On Social Media


Each new year seems to bring new trends that set the tone for the entire year, establishing what is going to be all the rage for the next 12 months. As the year 2021 takes off, so do trends like middle parts, taking perfectly good Chick-Fil-A and transforming it into a new food concoction and colorful graphic eyeliner.

While the new 2021 trends don’t stop there, a more significant trend that is becoming popular is the ScortezzBeauty under eye concealing method. Professional Australian makeup artist Criss Scortezz—a.k.a ScortezzBeauty on TikTok—has redefined the typical way of under eye concealing and highlighting as we know it. 

Unlike the typical triangle under eye highlighting technique, Criss Scortezz’s “preferred method” only places concealer on the outer edge and inner edge of the under eye while maintaining space in between. Additionally, concealer also is placed down the sides of the nose to give the it a “natural contour,” according to Scortezz. This way of concealing and highlighting not only is less dramatic, but also does a better job of lifting the eye.

The alternative routine has slowly been going viral, gaining traction amongst other popular beauty bloggers like Shira Soto, Hila Makeup, Helin Doski and others. 

For many makeup lovers and aspiring MUA’s of the world, transitioning from the standard YouTube makeup tutorial triangle technique to the one Scortezz is proposing may be unnerving. Gradually the “proper” highlight method we have all learned from our favorite beauty bloggers is now on the verge of becoming outdated, causing hoorah for some and pushback from others.

Luckily, the rules to makeup aren’t rigid and there’s room for tradition as well as nonconformity. In other words, do you and wear your makeup however you see fit! Just keep in mind that you can still do you and pick up new tricks at the same time. 

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