Conceal Like A Pro With Hung Vanngo

Hung Vanngo

Makeup artistry is an artform that either enhances the natural beauty of the human face or transforms it into an artistic vision of glamour. Most of us who aren’t cosmetically inclined turn to famed makeup artists to learn new tips and hacks to achieve our beauty goals.

Among the countless beauty gurus and makeup creators, celebrity beauty artist Hung Vanngo offers amazing advice to makeup enthusiasts about the do’s and don’ts when it comes creating a beat face. Hung Vanngo has beautified and glamorized some of the top women in the industry including, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Gwenyth Paltrow, Selena Gomez and many others.

Lending his expertise via his YouTube Channel, Vanngo gives step by step tutorials on how to properly design your face like a pro. Utilizing models of all colors and age groups on his YouTube channel, Vanngo demonstrates which colors are most flattering for specific skin tones and textures, in addition to breaking down the process of creating bolder looks like fox eyes makeup and sultry eyes makeup. 

Although his technique may be intimidating for makeup beginners watching him, Vanngo simplifies the process by explaining how to use each cosmetic product for maximum benefit and how to apply it precisely. Vanngo also informs his viewers of common makeup errors many people should avoid, especially if they have problematic skin.  

As reported by InStyle magazine,  “In a video he posted in October on how to achieve a ‘90s supermodel look, Vanngo explains that when it comes to concealing pimples, he sees most people making one huge mistake: using their go-to under-eye concealer to cover up blemishes.”

Traditionally when doing your makeup, an under eye concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your actual complexion in order to brighten the region. During the “90s supermodel look” video Vanngo teaches that using your lighter under eye concealer for blemishes will only pronounce the trouble spot. To avoid this issue, Vanngo informs viewers to use a concealer that is your exact match when covering pimples and acne scars.

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