Celebrity Makeup Artist Danessa Myricks Collaborates With Morphe


Professional beauty artist Danessa Myricks adds her bronzed touch to Morphe’s new foundation line Filter Effect. The new foundation offered by Morphe will feature 40 shades with a deep color range that is suitable for people of various complexions.

Danessa Myricks‘ experience with illuminating the skin of melanin rich individuals makes her the perfect person to be the creative director for the Morphe Filter Effect Campaign. Myricks brought the foundation shades to life by utilizing rich complexioned models with medium and deeper tones as the focal point of the campaign.

“If I’m going to tell a story about skin, I’m very focused on that idea of inclusivity,” Myricks tells Elle Magazine. “As a brand owner, it’s always top of mind for me. As a product developer, it’s always top of mind for me, and I didn’t want to be associated with anyone that doesn’t feel the same way I do.”

As creative director Myricks was not only the makeup artist for the campaign, but also the photographer. Myricks’ ability to capture the radiance of skin tones and the luminosity of deeper pigmentations on camera helps vivify the foundation launch. Myricks creates a strong visual imagery that makes the foundation more enticing to individuals of all shades.

“I’m obsessed with skin.” Myricks tells Elle. “My signature aesthetic with beauty is letting the naturalness of the model’s skin shine through, keeping their natural complexion as true to them as possible, and elevating what’s already there. That’s what they wanted to see that come through in the beautiful product they created.”

Myricks unique approach to makeup combined with her determination to ensure that the collaboration with Morphe would be highly inclusive resulted in an eye-catching campaign that was culturally  impactful. 

“I knew that if I was going to be a part of the storytelling of this brand, I wanted to make sure that I can choose really beautiful chocolate models because we need to be seen so that I can tell that story well,” Myricks tells Elle.

While many makeup enthusiasts have probably seen images of this campaign on social media— anxiously waiting for the foundation to be available—the time has finally come. The beautiful Morphe Filter Foundation, which is infused with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid, are now available for purchase!

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