Famous Record Store Amoeba Music Reopens In A New Spot In Hollywood

Amoeba Music

Although the digitization of music has put many record stores out of business, some record shops have managed to remain standing amid the streaming era. Among the resilient record shops is Amoeba Music, the world’s largest independent record store. 

On April 1 Amoeba Music reopens their iconic store at a new location in Hollywood after being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are SO ready to safely re-open our doors to our amazingly supportive and loyal customers who have kept in touch with us during this unfathomable time,” Amoeba co-owner Jim Henderson said in a statement.

Grammy-winning rapper Tyler the Creator helped Amoeba Music reveal their new location back in 2020, eliciting gratitude from the music shop.

“Our friend @tylerthecreator helped us reveal Amoeba Hollywood’s new location back in 2020 so it’s only fitting he got a sneak preview of the store tonight! We’re so ready to be back open for all of you! We reopen Thursday, April 1st at 11am at 6200 Hollywood Blvd. See you soon! ” Amoeba Music tweeted.

Although Amoeba is just moving around the corner, the transition still marks the end of a chapter for the entertainment store. Since 2001 Amoeba has shined brightly on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga Blvd., serving as a city landmark and congregation spot for music buffs. Much history lies within those walls, and a big chunk of Amoeba’s brand identity is associated with that specific spot.

Every time I visited Amoeba’s original location I was completely mesmerized. Walking in the massive store was like walking into a warehouse party filled with eclectic individuals that were interconnected through their personal love and appreciation for music. The blaring music mixed with the underground grunge aesthetic is what gave Amoeba Hollywood—they’re two other Amoeba Music stores in the Bay Area— its charm.

Spending hours in the famed record shop is often a common experience for many, being that the store has any CD, DVD, poster, and record vinyl that one may be looking for. These notable attributes are the reason that Amoeba Hollywood is noted as being one of the best record shops in the world.

Although Amoeba Hollywood’s style will be updated now that it resides on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Argyle, Henderson will keep the essence of the shop mostly the same.

“We brought in more color, and we played with the vertical space a little bit better and in more interesting ways,” Henderson told KCRW. “And we made commitments to sections that were on the rise in our other space that we couldn’t expand because of logistical challenges. The differences are many, but the similarities are also pretty pronounced. There’s this balance of fresh and familiar that play well together.”

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