Bree Runway Jumpstarts Hot Girl Summer With New Single ‘HOT HOT’

Bree Runway

Bree Runway’s new single “HOT HOT” is just what we need to kick-off hot girl summer. Hypnotic vocals, saucy lyrics and a sample of Busta Rhymes’ 2005 hit song “Touch It” are the key components that make “HOT HOT” a must-have on your summer playlist.


Ms. Runway is ushering in the summertime with her lively single while helping instill confidence in her fans simulataneously. 

“Typically for me, it’s about reaffirming your power and believing in yourself cause ‘you can never do it like a Brenda.’ Bree Runway told NME. “I want my fans to never feel afraid to hype themselves up, they’re the shit and they don’t need to wait for anybody to tell’em they are!”

Over the last year Bree Runway has been bringing her A-game to the R&B/Hip-Hop genre, churning out replayable singles like “GUCCI” and “ATM.” Born and bred in London, Bree Runway pays homage to her London roots by making sure to integrate elements of UK Grime in her music production. Each Bree Runway song is distinguishable, comprising a different side of Ms. Runway. 

The brown skin bombshell is a multifaceted entertainer that can sing, dance and rap. Besides making danceable music, Bree Runway also makes creative music visuals that have great choreography and compelling costumes.

Although all of Bree Runway’s visuals are top quality, “HOT HOT” is on another level. From the cut-out asymmetrical catsuit to the sexy dance solo under blue lighting, Bree Runway’s “HOT HOT” musical visual is absolutely superb. 

“HOT HOT” director Jocelyn Anquetil created a dynamic visual by capturing Bree Runway’s gorgeous complexion in every shot, and shooting futuristic and retro scenes of Ms. Runway amid her dancers. Anquetil and Bree Runway collaborating for “HOT HOT” was a match made in heaven, resulting in another prime music visual that is deserving of much acclaim.  

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