Coi Leray Is Billboard’s Latest R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie Of The Month

Coi Leray

Rapper Coi Leray has been tearing up the music scene ever since she dropped “No More Parties” earlier this year. The single was instant hit on social media, sparking the #NoMorePartiesChallenge and earning her a spot on Billboard. 

While the “No More Parties” remix featuring Lil Durk was Coi Leray’s first song to make it to the Billboard Hot 100, it was quickly joined by her latest hit “Big Purr (Prrdd)” with Poo Shiesty. For the last 8 consecutive weeks 23-year-old breakout star rapper has remained on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, earning her the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month. 

Over four years ago Coi Leray entered the hip-hop game, releasing her first viral hit song “G.A.N” back in 2017 and first album “Everything Coz” back in 2018. Throughout that time Coi Leray has evolved, finetuning her style and music to reflect her matured self. 

The rookie rapper—now signed to Republic Records—is determined to become one of the best in hip-hop or in the culinary arts, whichever happens to pop off first. “Either I become the hottest female artist in the world, or I go to college and go get my culinary degree,” Coi Leray tells Billboard. ” But I’m gonna get my culinary degree anyways.”

With her current music being such a success, Coi Leray appears to be on the pathway towards becoming one of the hottest female artists in the world. While Ms. Leray is adored for her music, she is also beloved for helping others appreciate who they are just by being unapologetically herself.

“‘Every day 100 people hit me up like ‘Yo girl, you make me feel so good about my body,’” Coi Leray tells Billboard. “That right there tells me I’m doing my part.” 

Alongside inspiring individuals to accept themselves, Coi Leray also wants to prove that being yourself takes you far. 

“[I want] to prove that as long as you stay true to yourself, you’ll have your way. People need to start loving and accepting themselves; they’ll see how far it takes them. It got my ass on Billboard, and it’s going to get me on top of the world,” Coi tells Billboard.

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