Lorde Is Releasing Two New Singles, According To Twitter


Before the phenomenon that is Billie Eilish, there was Lorde. Back in 2013 Lorde’s voice was inescapable, her hit song “Royals” dominating the radio, store music playlists and MTV music video shows alike. While “Royals” put Lorde on the map, her debut album “Pure Heroine” skyrocketed her into superstardom and made her the new dark pop sensation of the early 2010’s.

Between 2013-2017, following the explosion of “Royals,” the New Zealand songstress remained on the charts, taking home multiple awards during the pinnacle of her career. As beloved as Lorde was and as successful as she had become, none of it stopped her from disappearing from the music scene after her 2017 album “Melodrama.”

Since then many fans have been anxiously waiting for new music from the “Tennis Court” singer, and as of recent a rumor has been circling that the wait is over. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement from Lorde, or any updates made to her Instagram addressing new music, fans are still convinced that new music from Lorde is coming. 

Talk about Lorde’s new music started trending early Wednesday (June 2) after a fan account that regularly posts about the singer tweeted the rumor that had been floating around.

“no but there’s a new rumor going on about lorde’s lead single, apparently it’s called solar power but i’m gonna need lorde to release the damn single for me to believe in that. please iM BEGGING. WHERE’S LORDE,” the account tweeted.

Although the account consistently tweets about Lorde not releasing new music, the aforementioned tweet sparked major excitement in fans. Many fans rejoiced for the alleged upcoming new singles from the enigmatic singer. 

“I can’t talk right now i’m freaking out over lorde’s new songs mood ring and solar power,” one twitter user said. 

Some fans even claim that the alleged new single “Solar Power” is dropping June 4 at midnight.

“LORDE  Solar Power and Mood Ring dropping JUNE 04 12:00 AM,” one fan tweeted. 

Lorde has yet to respond to these rumors despite being mentioned in 30,000 + tweets. Maybe the alternative dark pop artist is going to be releasing new music sooner than later.

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