Deante’ Hitchcock Drops A ‘Roses’ Freestyle Over OutKast’s ‘Roses’


Deante’ Hitchcock spits hot fire in his new “Roses” freestyle! Hitchcock’s prolific rap and dope flow were accentuated by OutKast’s “Roses” beat. 

For every music artist that receives tons of adoration and notoriety for their work, they’re always a few artists that remain underrated and often go unmentioned. Hitchcock articulates that into his “Roses” freestyle, profoundly illustrating how music fans should acknowledge the great artists while they’re still around to make good music instead of overlooking them. 

Flexing his lyrical talent, Hitchcock subtly calls out the superficiality in some of the hip-hop music nowadays in addition to boasting his superior penmanship. Although Deante’ Hitchcock’s voice sounds very similar to the incomparable Andre 3000, Hitchcock rides in his own lane when it comes to his delivery. 

Hitchcock is arguably one of the best rappers of this generation because of his introspective lyricism, eloquent flow and rhyming over beats that flatter his southern voice. These reasons have earned Deante’ Hitchcock the right to brag about his talents as well as compare himself to other groundbreaking artists like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. 

Although the “Roses” freestyle is dope, it’s just one of the many awesome freestyle’s Hitchcock will be dropping every Tuesday. 

“Since the start of March, Atlanta rap upstart Deante’ Hitchcock has been unleashing freestyles of epic proportions on his YouTube channel every Tuesday. For the freestyle series, which is aptly titled #NewAtlantaTuesdays, Hitchcock has covered a mixture of classic Hip-Hop beats as well as production from some of the most popular songs out right now,” according to HotNewHipHop

Not only has Hitchcock rapped over the award-winning OutKast “Roses” beat, but he also spit hot verses over Drake’s No.1 Billboard hit “What’s Next.” While Hitchcock’s freestyles are cool to listen to, Hitchcock also has dope album that everyone should check out. Those who love 90’s hip-hop will love Deante’ Hitchcock’s 2020 project “BETTER.”

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