‘Rugrats’ Is Coming To Paramount+ With A New Look

During the 1990’s Nickelodeon had some of the best television shows, especially when it came to cartoons. Paramount + is bringing back some of our favorite childhood cartoons, starting with the revival of the 90’s hit television series “Rugrats.”

Although the “Rugrats” series will receive an updated animation look, the original cast will remain voicing our favorite rugrat characters.

According to Variety, “Set to reprise their roles are stars E.G. Daily (Tommy), Nancy Cartwright (Chuckie), Cheryl Chase (Angelica), Cree Summer (Susie) and Kath Soucie (Phil and Lil). Nickelodeon Animation Studio is producing the revival, which promises to follow the toddlers as “they explore the world and beyond from their pint-sized and wildly imaginative point-of-view.”

The Emmy winning 13 year long cartoon—which first aired in 1991—has established an iconic legacy with loyal fans from around the globe.

“Rugrats is one of the most iconic cartoons recognized by fans around the globe, and this original version is one we are taking great care and pride in creating for a brand-new audience,” said Ramsey Naito, president of Nickelodeon Animation tells Variety. “Having the voice cast behind these special characters come together is one of the essential pieces to making the show recognizable and we can’t wait to watch this talented group bring them to life again.”

The “Rugrats” franchise has done everything from movies to apparel, creating an entire rugrats universe that has been thoroughly enjoyed by generations of fans. Although many people are excited for the reboot, first generation rugrats fans aren’t too excited for the new animation style. 

“When someone asks me, “what is your favorite show of all time?”, my immediate response is #Rugrats,” a Twitter user said. “I’m going in with an open mind, but for people like me who adore the show, this animation is just VERY odd to look at. (No disrespect to the animators or people who work on this).”

“i’m so happy they kept the original cast,” another Twitter user mentioned.“the animation isn’t all that but i’m just happy a generation will have it just like i did and i hope they keep og rugrats too thats for me.”

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