Meg Thee Stallion Channels Regina George From ‘Mean Girls’ In New Coach Promo

Meg Thee Stallion

Ask any woman between the ages of 20-30 what they’re favorite movie is, most likely they’ll say “Mean Girls.” Although a farcical adaptation of high school, the main themes in “Mean Girls” are indicative of typical high school interactions and group categorizations.

Many of us can recall whether or not we were a “plastic” or “one of the coolest people you’d ever meet.” Yes, that was a “Mean Girls” reference. Even if you can’t remember what group you were in, I am sure you can remember your high school’s Regina George. 

The 2004 comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams has become a cult classic, inspiring countless memes, TikTok reenactments, GIFS and critical analysis. The quotable movie has also now made it to Coach’s 2021 Fall/Winter Collection promo. According to Vogue, british fashion designer Stuart Vevers “ is launching the pop-up streaming channel Coach TV – and reflecting the nostalgic comfort of TV in a love-worn collection.”

What movie is more nostalgic than “Mean Girls?” I mean, am I right. CoachTV’s “Mean Girl” rendition stars Meg Thee Stallion as Regina George. Hot girl Meg served effortlessly as the Black Regina Georgia, representing the new Coach line fabulously. 

Meg The Stallion being a  “Mean Girls” fan makes her modeling in this promo even more befitting. 

“I can literally quote every single word from mean girls… and I prefer to be friends with girls who can do the same lol,” Meg Thee Stallion said in a 2016 tweet.

Alongside “Mean Girls,” Vevers also did a rendition of “Shaft” and “Friends” for CoachTV. 

“From Michael B. Jordan sending up Shaft in his role as Coach and Rickey Thompson embodying the character of a particularly chic and persuasive QVC host, to Dawn and Hyuna’s parody of Friends and a phonebooth rendition of Blondie’s “Call Me” from none other than J.Lo playing on the music channel, it’s truly an all-star affair,” according to Daze.

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