These Three Fictional Television Characters Will Always Be #HairGoals


Hair inspiration can be found anywhere, especially on television. Tuning into your favorite television series can give you ideas for new fashion looks and hairdo’s, influencing your overall flair. Among the countless fictional on-camera characters, there are only a few that have earned the #hairgoals label.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of fictional television characters whose hairs stay(ed) laid.


When it came to her hair, the mononymous Brandy always slayed, giving Nubian queenliness each time she stepped out as her R&B superstar self. Carrying this flyness with her, Brandy always had the cutest braid styles when she played Moesha Mitchell on the classic 90’s television series Moesha.

Up-do’s, half-up/half down, curled, bob’d. Each episode Brandy’s fictional character Moesha had an innovative way that she fixed her braids, feeding the popularization of the already trending braid look of that decade. Brandy’s beloved braids is a signature look for her as well as her character Moesha, influencing the hair choices of many Millennial and Gen Z African-American girls during their adolescence.

Lizzie McGuire

2000’s Disney teen-queen Hilary Duff was the epitome of Y2K hair chic, especially during her role as Lizzie McGuire on the hit T.V. show of the same name. Duff’s outfits and coiffures were always top-tier when she portrayed the pre-teen Lizzie McGuire character on the Disney series Lizzie McGuire.

Although Duff’s bangs were praiseworthy, her hair looks as Lizzie McGuire were just as admirable. Thanks to Lizzie McGuire, many Millennials who were coming-of-age in the early 2000’s learned that the usage of hair accessories adds pizzazz to any hairdo.

Maddy Perez from Euphoria

In this era, the newest television series character to be dubbed as #hairgoals is Maddy Perez from HBO’s Euphoria. Portrayed by actress Alexa Demie, Maddy Perez is the hot girl we all aspired to be in high school—minus the drug usage and toxic relationship. Perez is practically the physical embodiment of the #hairgoals that are pinned to popular Pinterest boards.

Nothing has been more legendary on Euphoria than when Alexa Demie’s character Maddy Perez rocked a blinged-out straight-back hairstyle while she was cheering at a pep-rally.

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