KFC and Chipotle Add New Tasty Meatless Goodies To Their Menus

Plant-based products are becoming increasingly more sought-after, and a preferred food option if you are looking to cut back on your meat intake. Many fast food companies like Carl’s Jr., Burger King and McDonald’s offer plant-based options that are just as tasty as their meaty choices.

Joining the pack is KFC and Chipotle, each fast food restaurant now offering vegan meat options for ready consumers. The fried chicken and Latin food brand are kicking off 2022 right, advancing their menu to encompass vegan friendly choices. 

For a while now vegan beef has been getting all the love due to the popularization of the  Impossible and Beyond burgers, which almost completely mimics the taste of actual beef.  With plant-based beef getting all the glory, it’s now vegan chicken and pork’s time to shine and show why they’re just as equally delicious!

Come Jan. 10 the major chicken chain KFC will be launching their new plant-based menu item Beyond Fried Chicken. According to VOX News this debut fried chicken will be available at 4,000 KFC locations beginning Jan.10, and will be served in the form of either six-or12-piece nuggets. You can make that a combo of course. The announcement is exciting for both KFC CEO Kevin Hochman, and the public. 

“We expect it’ll sell out,” Hochman tells VOX. “Based on the speed of that sell-out and customer reaction, that’ll determine what our plans will be next. But our intent isn’t to be one and done.”

Someone excited for the rollout tweeted, “Am I interested in KFC’s upcoming “Beyond Fried Chicken?,” alongside an emphatic ‘Yes’ GIF.

To make matters even more delicious for vegans, or those aspiring to go vegan, Chipotle is also offering a new plant-based meat that goes beyond chicken and beef. Chipotle now has a flavorful meatless chorizo—authentic chorizo is made from pork. This isn’t Chipotle’s first vegan meat rodeo, the brand began serving tofu-based sofritas in 2014, and actually had vegan chorizo on their menu in 2016 and 2018 respectively, according to CNBC.

Making a comeback on Monday (Jan.3), Chipotle’s meatless chorizo is now available for purchase. Although Chipotle’s vegan chorizo is on the menu, and KFC’s meatless chicken nuggets will be on their menu soon, both companies will only have it there for a limited time.

So don’t wait, hop on it now or when it comes!

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