Chanel West Coast Goes From Rolling Loud CA Host To Rap Performer

Chanel West Coast

Television personality slash rapper Chanel West Coast made her way onto the Rolling Loud Southern California stage this Sunday alongside established music superstars like Chris Brown, Kanye West and Future.

Performing at one of the biggest music festivals outside of Coachella, Chanel West Coast’s debut is a part of her comeback. The super-giggly Ridiculousness co-host has had a sporadic music career so far, only releasing two mixtapes between 2013-2015, waiting until to 2020 to drop her feature album America’s Sweetheart.

While there are many gaps in her music career, aside from the yearly singles she’s released from 2016 until now to fill the space, Chanel West Coast’s appearance at Rolling Loud is a reset. Ending the 2021 year on the Rolling Loud Southern California stage was a way for the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star to prove herself as a true music artist and a live performer.

Not to mention her performance is also an upgrade from her original role at Rolling Loud. Being elevated to performer status is a big jump from her just being a Rolling Loud host—like she was at Rolling Loud Los Angeles back in 2019. Going from being a host to featured artist is a major accomplishment, especially since Chanel West Coast always wanted her artistry to be taken seriously—and being on that Rolling Loud stage is serious business.

“Chanel West Coast performs with a list of accomplished and underground artists. This festival is an opportunity to get her music to a larger audience,” according to the INQUISITR.

Anaya Lovenote and Salma Slims are two premium independent artists that joined Chanel West Coast during her set at the musical festival. Although the 1980’s born rapper stirred some excitement surrounding her performance, she of course had some haters. 

“Man ain’t nobody lining up to see no Chanel west coast @ 2pm,” someone tweeted. “Can’t wait to see Chanel West Coast at Rolling Loud Today,” someone replied. Both responses were in regards to Rolling Loud’s initial tweet: “There’s already a line to get in.” 

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