Chloe Mrozak Faces Prison Time After Using a Fake ‘Maderna’ Vaccination Card in Hawaii

Trying to circumvent the law never works out well in the end, and more times than not will result in major consequences. Major consequences are exactly what 24-year-old Chloe Mrozak is facing after she falsified her COVID-19 vaccination card so she could visit Hawaii without having to abide by the state’s quarantine policy. 

In Hawaii it’s mandatory for visitors to quarantine for a 10-day period. To bypass the state’s law, Mrozak uploaded and presented a fake vaccination card to the airport screener on August 23. On the same day, Aug. 23, the Safe Travels Program administrator reported a potential fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination card, according to KHON2

Mrozak’s situation appeared more shady after the airport screener was unable to verify Mrozak’s hotel reservations or return flight information before she left the processing center.

“No reservation was found after contacting the hotel that she listed in her Safe Travels forms, and Mrozak did not provide her hotel reservation number and return flight information,” according to court documents obtained by KHON2.

After further investigation of Mrozak’s vaccination card it became apparent that “Moderna” was misspelled as “Maderna,” confirming that the card was in fact a fake, according to KHON2. 

Chloe Mrozak COVID-19 Vaccination Card obtained by KHON2

Special Agent William Lau of the Department of the Attorney General, the leader of the investigation, also found that Mrozak was not vaccinated in Delaware although she listed it as her vaccination location. Upon reaching out to Delaware officials to confirm Mrozak’s COVID-19 vaccination status, it was discovered that there was no record of Mrozak being vaccinated in Delaware, according to KHON2.

“The AG Quarantine Compliance Team conducted its investigations contacted the appropriate state that does the vaccination and determined there was no record of the suspect that had been vaccinated,” Special Agent Lau told KHON2.

On Aug. 28 Mrozak was apprehended at the Southwest Airlines counter, just as she was preparing to leave Hawaii, on the “suspicion of falsified vaccination documents,” according to KHON2. The Illinois native is being held on a $2,000 bail in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is facing up to year or more of prison time.

“In Hawaii, using falsified proof of testing or vaccination documents for travel into the state is a misdemeanor that carries a fine of up to $5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year for each count,” according to CBS Chicago

Mrozak’s actions have not only landed her in the clutches of the law, but also as Twitter’s trending topic of the day. People always think spelling errors are funny, and Mrozak has Twitter cracking up with the way she spelled Moderna as “Maderna.” 

“’I told that child to write Maderna and she wrote it just the way I said it,” a person tweeted using a Tyler Perry Madea reference.

“‘Vague” is definitely Maderna’s best song,” another Twitter user said, making a pun out of Mrozak’s misspelling. 

While Mrozak probably doesn’t find these tweets amusing right now, maybe she’ll find the humor in them in the future.

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