Kota The Friend Is Accused Of Grooming, Mental Abuse, Strangling and More

Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend is the one artist that many of us go to when we want to chill out and just vibe. The rapper/singer is a friend in some of our heads, hence the name, providing us with music that will relax your mind and possibly get you in your feelings. 

Despite being a seemingly gentle soul with a romantic side, Kota the Friend may have skeletons in his closet that many of us wouldn’t have guessed. Just recently Kota the Friend’s alleged ex-girlfriend, who goes by Teyo, took to Twitter to share a disheartening story about the alleged abuse she endured during their relationship. 

In Teyo’s Tuesday (June 29) Twitter thread she called out Kota the Friend for being a “predator,” claiming that he was mentally and physically abusive towards her. 

“Can we discuss how abusive and manipulative Kota the Friend is? This dude literally strangled me, forced himself on me sexually and put me through crazy mental abuse. He portrays himself to be this wholesome nigga but in reality he’s a whole predator.” Teyo said in a tweet. 

Teyo continued to explain the particulars of their relationship, admitting to dismissing his alleged problematic behavior out of empathy. 

“For a while I’ve been trying very hard to empathize with this man. Simply because he’s someone I knew for 6+ years. And I chalked it up to him being damaged and having his own internal issues. But no, this man lacks empathy, emotion, he’s incapable of feeling genuine remorse,” Teyo tweeted.

Throughout the rest of the Twitter thread Teyo explained that although she was allegedly sexually coerced by the independent artist, Kota the Friend allegedly grooming her affected her the most. 

In a statement that Teyo tweeted on Wednesday (June 30) she stated that “the mental abuse and grooming was far more traumatic than anything.” Irrespective of being allegedly victimized by Kota the Friend, she made it clear that she didn’t want to villainize him.

“I don’t want the narrative to be misconstrued.” Teyo said in her statement. “I don’t want to paint this man as a flat out rapist or woman beater. Because he’s not.” Teyo isn’t looking for clout, compensation or even attention. All she wants is to ensure that other girls are aware of his antics, and for his alleged cycle of abuse to stop. 

“I really didn’t even want shit to get to this point. I hate attention and I damn sure hate the idea of causing harm to other people. But it’s a bigger issue than me. He needs to be accountable for the trauma he puts women through,” Teyo tweeted.

As of now Teyo doesn’t plan to take this to any blogs, we reported this on our own, however that could change in the future depending on Kota the Friend. Kota the Friend has yet to respond to Teyo’s allegations. According to our sources, these allegations might just be the beginning. Stay tuned who knows what else will be revealed. 

Kota the Friend is best known for hit songs “Long Beach,” “Colorado” and ”Outside.” He has also collaborated with other popular artists like KYLE and Travis Thompson.

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