Top Moments From Joe Biden’s Historical Inauguration Day

Joe Biden being inaugurated as president marks a new beginning and a repairing of the American democracy. As we watch the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden from home, aside from the lucky few in attendance, we witness history be made as Joe Biden becomes the second Catholic U.S. president and Kamala Harris becomes the first woman ever to be U.S. vice president.  

The inauguration of Joe Biden was an exhalation moment, signaling the dawn of a new era. Observing the Inauguration Day enacted a sense of hope and optimism as the induction of a new presidency ensued. While there were many significant moments from the notable day, read on to check out some of the top moments from President Biden’s inauguration!

Joe Biden’s highly encouraging presidential inaugural address was a refreshing and well needed reset after a turbulent four years. President Biden affirmed his supporters that he will uphold the promises made to them, in addition to asserting to non-supporters that he will still fight for them because he is a “president for all Americans.”

2.) “The Hill We Climb”- A Poem By Young Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman

The inauguration became even more historical when 22-year-old inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, —the youngest poet ever to read at a presidential inauguration— recited her bold and eloquent poem “The Hill We Climb.

Amanda Gorman’s poem was not only hopeful but it was powerful and inspiring.

3. ) Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga’s performance of American anthems. 

Lady Gaga’s rendition of the “National Anthem” was beautifully melodic and her theatrical vocal runs accentuated the drama that was expressed in her attire. Additionally, Jennifer Lopez stunned in a crisp white blouse, satin waist high slacks and a gorgeous long white trench coat while she angelically sang “America The Beautiful” and “This Land Is Your Land.”

4.) Lovely Day performed by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato belted her heart out as she sang the soothing Bill Withers song  ‘Lovely Day.’ Not only did Demi Lovato solidify herself as a vocal powerhouse during her performance, but also added an energizing tone to the classic hit.

5.) Former presidents honor Joe Biden as the new President of The United States.

Nothing was more heartwarming than to see former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama congratulate Joe Biden on becoming president, in addition to offering him help and guidance if he needed.

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