The New ‘Batwoman’ Is Going To Be A Black Woman


Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The powerful batsuit will be worn by actress Javicia Leslie as she takes fellow actress Ruby Rose’s place as the new Batwoman and first black Batwoman.

The CW and Warner Bros. release poster for “Batwoman” showcases Ms. Javicia with her curly mane in a sleek black batsuit and a scorching red bat sign across her chest. The new suit was intentional, and according to E! News “Leslie and showrunner Caroline Dries promised during DC FanDome that the suit would be redesigned for the first Black Batwoman, particularly in terms of the silhouette.”

As noted by Yahoo News, “Leslie’s new character Ryan Wilder will begin Batwoman Season 2 donning the same suit as Rose’s Kate Kane before debuting her new threads in the third episode, according to a press release issued by The CW.”

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