Ye Gives Jack Harlow’s “Nail Tech” a Stamp of Approval, Harlow Responds


Kanye West a.k.a Ye never holds his tongue when it comes to self-praising. Publicly. Hearing Ye boast about his rap skills has become a normality nowadays, however hearing him give props to rappers that aren’t attached to him in some way is pretty seldom. Until now. 

In Ye’s Instagram post on Friday (February 18) he posted a screenshot of Jack Harlow’s Nail Tech music video with the caption, “This n***a can raaaaaaap bro And I’m saying n***a as a compliment Top 5 out right now.”

Getting dubbed as a “Top 5” rapper by Ye, one of the biggest rappers of our time, is not only a compliment but also a possible prediction for Harlow’s legacy. There are so many rappers that continuously come and go that it seems as if even good rappers that are hot aren’t having the same career longevity as earlier rappers.

Not taking Ye’s compliment lightly, Jack Harlow responded to Ye’s Instagram post on his Twitter. 

“This right here…is one of the greatest moments of my entire life…glad y’all all get front row seats to it…suddenly all the hate means nothing…imagine your hero saying this about you…I could cry,” Harlow tweeted.

It’s always cool when veteran rappers credit fresh new hip hop artists as someone that possesses above average talent. Maybe Ye’s compliment of Harlow’s rapping abilities foreshadows a possible collaboration between the two hip hop stars. The rap superstar has a history of only doing a rap collab with emcees with strong skills i.e. Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, Jay- Z, etc.

Not to mention Ye collabing with him would probably be a dream come true for Harlow, especially since he’s expressed his reverence for him in past interviews.

“[It’s like he’s[Ye] saying his identity is] ‘always gonna shift, and I can always steer the narrative and reinvent,” Harlow told Variety. I’m not pigeonholed, and who I am right now and the music I’m making has nothing to do with where I’m gonna be in a year.’ That’s Kanye notes — you can’t tell Kanye what he is and what he isn’t. I salute that so much.”

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