Coachella Will Sell Lifetime Concert Passes To NFT Owners


The further our world progresses in the third millennium the more digitization becomes a predominant aspect within our society. Virtual reality is evolving, gaining more of an appeal since the onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent stay-at-home guidelines that were enforced in some states during the heart of the pandemic.

Things are somewhat back to normal, and although the world is still plagued with the coronavirus we no longer have to cope with it locked down in our homes solo. While enjoyable activities like music festivals are happening in-person again, some music festivals will still cater to concertgoers that have gotten accustomed to engaging in virtual festivities during the pandemic.

Beginning Friday (Feb.4) Coachella is going to be selling lifetime passes to their music festivals that will allow individuals access to “Coachella-produced virtual experiences forever,” according to the Verge. Of course those who purchase a lifetime pass will get passes to the actual Coachella festival each year as well. 

“Introducing Coachella Collectibles NFTs  Lifetime festival passes, digital collectibles redeemable for physical items & more available Friday at 10am PT,” Coachella tweeted.  

Although the choice to buy a Coachella lifetime pass is an automatic yes for most people, the only way for people to get lifetime passes is if they purchase a NFT.

“The company will auction the Coachella Keys Collection, a group of 10 NFTs that allow holders lifetime tickets to the festival,” according to the Verge. NFT’s have been increasing in popularity in-part because of the popularization of the cryptocurrency movement. NFT’s, non-fungible tokens, desirability is based on being easily tradeable on the blockchain.

“In the simplest terms, NFTs transform digital works of art and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are easy to trade on the blockchain,” according to CNN. “Although that may be far from simple for the uninitiated to understand, the payoff has been huge for many artists, musicians, influencers and the like, with investors spending top dollar to own NFT versions of digital images.”

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