Ye Will Have Homeless Models In Next Yeezy Fashion Show

Ye has never been short of innovative ideas. The 44-year-old hip hop superstar turned fashion designer has always prided himself on being a freethinker and a visionary creator. Soon to come from the audacious Ye is a Yeezy fashion show that features homeless people.

That’s right, Ye’s next move that will be an exemplification of his ingenuity includes only enlisting homeless people to model his Yeezy clothing in his next fashion show. Wanting to help the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, Ye has decided to collaborate with the Skid Row Fashion Week brand to do a fashion show, according to TMZ.

Ye collabing with Skid Row Fashion Week founder David Sabastian to utilize their platforms and companies to address the LA homeless crisis is meritorious and clever. Over the years Yeezy designs have often been shaded by fashion pseudo-connoisseurs for embodying too much of the vagabond aesthetic. 

“Sure, lmfao, why not? I mean his clothes look like they were made for homeless people anyways. Besides, it’s cheaper to pay homeless people as models than to pay models and make them look homeless, Lmfao #SorryNotSorry lmao @kanyewest @TMZ,” someone tweeted.

With the upcoming Yeezy X Skid Row Fashion Week fashion show coming up it’s as if things are coming full circle. The fashion show not only will restore a momentary pride into the homeless community, but it will also provide resources that will help their plight. 

“David says his company donates a portion of all sales to helping those living on Skid Row and the factory that makes the clothes employs the homeless. In addition, the Yeezy collab will use 100% of the proceeds to help the homeless on Skid Row.” Profits from the clothing line collab that is dropping Feb.22 will enable Sabastian to employ more people struggling with homelessness at his SRFW factory, according to TMZ.

Ye is taking fashion philanthropy to new heights, eliminating the barrier of elitism between the designer fashion world and everyday people. Although Ye and Sabastian are in the early stages of planning the show, they do know they want things found around Skid Row to be “integrated into the ensembles,” according to TMZ.

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