Holiday Sweet Alert: See’s Candies Releases a Seasonal Collection

See's Candies

Remember when I said the holiday season is designated guilt-free sugar consumption time? Looks like the century old candy company wants to continue the 100-year flex with their holiday collection of assorted treats, which are great for gifts to others or yourself.  

See’s Candies has been celebrating 100 years for the past 12-months with a themed launch every month. While I wasn’t familiar with the popularity that See’s Candies holds during the holidays, I do remember seeing the unmistakable logo in February during Valentine’s Day.

I’d either receive one from a classmate, or teacher back in middle school, or my dad who always remembered to get me a flower and some See’s Candies chocolate for V-Day.  According to PRNewswire, the sweets brand has been around since 1921, originating in California.

The founder, Mary See’s, owned a sweets shop back in the days where chocolate was a penny, probably wrapped in parchment paper and eaten by children who dodged horses and buggies. Or at least that’s what I imagine when anything is 100+ years old.  

See’s popular Bordeaux seems to be a staple in all the assorted boxed candy, even being sold as a solo feature with their 1-lb box with ingredients of creamy brown sugar dipped in milk chocolate. It might’ve been the flavor I picked over as a kid, rushing to whatever piece of chocolate that had a wafer, almond or crisp.

Given the hype surrounding this Bordeaux I might  have to give it a go now that my palette is a little more tolerable in my older age.  The holiday collection includes the holiday Bordeaux covered in white chocolate and with red & green sprinkles, and a collection of eggnog truffles with flavors of nutmeg and vanilla.  

Buy while supplies last. Prices range from 9.50 for a A 4.5 oz. box up to the popular Holiday  Central Christmas tin weighted at 15 ounces.

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