Korean Perms Will Be The New Wave in 2022

We are a long ways from the Just For Me $8 no-lye perm. 2022 is amongst us, and it’s  looking like the Korean perm is set to be around the same price as a monthly payment of a  2023 Toyota Camry (with a good credit of course).  

According to an article on Yahoo Life the Korean perm is set to be the new wave, mainly  amongst the Asian community of course, because of it’s interesting price range. Also because the perm was designed with the Korean community in mind.  

One of the perks for the new perm is the ability to wash the hair the same day, avoiding the typical 48-hour mandatory grace period to wash. It also suggest maintenance of the hair with a leave-on mask to help the hair keep volume and moisture.  

The perm is set to last about 6-months to a year if maintained correctly, and there are some tips to upkeep the hair.  Award-winning Korean hairstylist Joel Park recommend that you should wait the full 48-hours before washing your hair, and use products designed specifically for C-curly hair, according to Yahoo.

Also Park recommended avoiding shampoos and conditioners with silicone, in addition to surfactants and alcohol. Upkeep of the Korean perm also includes regular trims  and swapping out the cotton towel for a microfiber head towel to keep the frizz down to a minimal, according to Yahoo.  

Some other hair tips to take into 2022 is being more intentional about picking hairstyles.  Experts say to pick a hairstyle and color that frames you’re face perfectly and goes good with your skin tone. I say this tip isn’t set in stone and it all varies depending on different cultural  beauty standards according to very different trends.  

While I’m still judging the price of this popular perm I know I’ve paid more for braids or a good weave. We’ll have to keep our eye on this trend and see if it’s projected to be as popular as  they say it will be.

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