Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Ava Phillipe Lands Pat McGrath Campaign

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillipe is booked and busy! Right after being tagged to star in Beyoncé’s Christmas inspired IVY Park X adidas collection “Halls of Ivy”, Phillipe secured her first beauty campaign with makeup mogul Pat McGrath.

Daughter of actress Reese Witherspoon and actor Ryan Phillipe, Ava Phillipe is developing a name for herself aside from her celebrity parents. The 22-year-old actress and model’s breakout makeup campaign will be beyond dazzling, and serving much face.

Ava Phillipe will be using her gorgeous mug to showcase Pat McGrath’s lovely new limited edition cosmetic capsule that is heavily influenced by the culty Netflix series Bridgerton. McGrath’s new line, that launches on December 26, will be giving us aristocracy, retro-ness and helping many achieve nothing less than regency-era glam!

To help bring her vision to light McGrath reached out to none other than Ava Phillipe. Through her DMs on Instagram!

“I was like …Pat McGrath is DMing me? Huh?,” Phillippe tells PEOPLE. “I have such admiration for her. And for her to even reach out to me or think of me was flattering.”

Ava Phillipe collaborating with Pat McGrath was an awe-inducing moment for her, and watching McGrath’s team in action was even more exciting for the young celebrity kid.

“We all knew what we were doing and we wanted to make it perfect,” she tells PEOPLE. “The team has such a commitment to detail and to creatively making it the best it can be. And problem solving and collaborating and being kind and friendly all in the process, even in the frenzy. Just to be a part of it in general is so special.”

The Ava Phillipe and Pat McGrath collaboration was an overall joy for Phillipe, as well as a learning experience. 

“I feel really open to trying a lot of things with makeup, and I think Pat has really inspired a lot of that for me by exposing me to more creative looks and colors and different angles and lines,” Phillipe told PEOPLE. “ It’s just really great to feel inspired to try anything, and not be afraid. That’s the most important part to me is that you don’t just put it away because you’re too intimidated. And I think she empowers me to feel like I’m not.”

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