Hayley Williams of Paramore Launches New Hair Dye Line METALHEADS


Colorful hair is an inherent part of the punk rock aesthetic, symbolizing the typical rebellious ‘I do what I want attitude’ that is the foundation of alternative culture. Helping keep the multi-colored hair tradition alive in the next generation of rebels, Hayley Williams of Paramore launches a new product under her hair coloring brand Good Dye Young. 

Hayley Williams debuted METALHEADS, the new metallic hair colors offered by the Good Dye Young brand, in early September. Consisting of five vibrant hair color options, ranging from fire red-orange to silver gray, METALHEADS is a bold semi-permanent hair dye that was created for the uninhibited and experimental. 

“Heavy is the head that bangs,” the Good Dye Young website articulates. “Metal music and the lifestyle within it is nothing less than a culture fueled by raw emotion and self expression. If hair dye is seen as a form of rebellion and standing out of the crowd then nothing is more metal than dyeing your hair.” 

Nothing is more metal than dyeing hair, and nothing is more bada** then the promotion that was created for the new dye-line METALHEADS. Directed by freelance director Christina Xing and conceptualized by creative director SWEET BEEF, the METALHEADS promo was like a throwback to the underground hardcore-punk scene of the 80’s and 90’s.

The minute-long promo included independent artists like Lani Renaldo, Fabi Reyna and the new punk queen Dani Miller. If the promo doesn’t awaken your inner rebel and compel you to rock out your entire look, then maybe Good Dye Young’s quality ingredients will. 

“Our newest semi-permanent line was inspired by classic metallic colors that you can rock in your hair,” Good Dye Young states in the description section of the Metalheads promo video on YouTube. “Our semi-permanent hair dye combines salon-grade pigments with bergamot essential oil and sunflower extract. This nontoxic, conditioning formula deposits vibrant color while maintaining hair health.”

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