Potato Milk, Next, or Next Up

The future of your barista offering you potato milk in your latte as a milk alternative is
close, like 2022 close. There’s buzz boiling about potato milk next up as a successful milk alternative for consumers.

In the last decade dairy milk has begun to see an insane decrease in consumption since
2017, dropping 12 percent in sales as due to scare of harmful chemicals found in the
preservatives. We aren’t asking “Got Milk?” anymore. Society’s shifted to a more healthy
wellness lifestyle and is now asking the question, “What’s in The Milk?”. Plant-based milk has become increasingly popular, offered on the market shelves for the home as well as in many dining establishments.

While plant-based milk like almond, oat, and coconut are flying off the shelves there seems to be some concern with sustaining the plant-based business model. That’s where potato milk comes in? Nutritionist, Nataly Komova suggest potato milk is more eco-friendly, needing 56% less water to grow than it’s almond competitor and easy to crop.

Waitrose, a popular UK supermarket is set to start selling the potato milk alternative brand DUG in February of 2022 with three flavors, original, barista, and unsweetened. The company describes the taste to be creamy and thick, made to be used in almost
anything like cereal, coffee and potatoes.

While the biggest selling point is it’s sustainable, there isn’t much review on taste. Potato’s might grow easily but if it doesn’t have the same quality of taste as the beloved oat, almond and coconut milk it may all be for nothing. The rise of plant-based milk is not all about a better choice healthy wise, as we’ve seen with the not so popular plant-based milks like, banana, hemp and pea.

The US will have some time before they try to make potato milk happen here. We’ll continue to watch (probably with a screwed face) and see if potato milk is what it’s chipped up to be.

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