Telfar Teams Up With UGG and Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter Season

Telfar UGG

The Telfar fashion line is ascending, slowly replacing other stylish brands in popularity. Building atop the newfound high demand for the Telfar brand, Telfar has collaborated with the iconic UGG fashion line alongside the high-end fashion brand Moose Knuckles for the Fall/Winter season.

Every millennial, and older Gen Z’er, knows the stronghold that the UGG brand had on us during the early to mid-2000’s. Today’s generation will never understand how critical it was to own at least one pair of UGG boots so that you could comfortably interact with your school’s elite. 

Having items by UGG didn’t always equate to popularity back then, but it sure did equate to being noticed by your schoolmates—more so if you had colored UGG boots. Adding to the legacy of UGG, Telfar is redesigning the famed boot that is highly associated with Y2K fashion to incorporate his beloved Telfar emblem

In addition to the boot, there is also a matching Telfar logoed hoodie that when paired will make the illest winterized outfit ever. To up the hipness of the UGG brand, Telfar also created a Telfar labeled black bucket hat for the collaboration. Not stopping with only the unisex UGG collab, Telfar has also linked up with the luxury outwear fashion company Moose Knuckles to drop a New York City streetwear inspired collection.

Telfar Ugg
Photo Credit: Moose Knuckles Website

“The 17 piece outerwear collection is a continuation of ceremonial staples seen in Telfar’s NYC roots. This is seen through paying homage to a distinctly New York outerwear tradition— one that  features an all-over puff-embroidered TELFAR logo puzzle pattern. Moose Knuckles plays along by providing their key silhouettes and reimagining them — a winter drop New Yorkers will be all too familiar with,” according to the Office Magazine.

Thanks to Telfar, fashionistas everywhere can remain fly throughout the winter season.  I know that as soon as I save a few of my coins I am going to get a Telfar x Moose Knuckles puffa jacket!

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