The Telfar Bubble Gum Bag Is A Must-Have, But It’s Sold Out

Telfar is creating fervor amongst fashionistas, and is the source of many of their disappointment after one the brand’s most popular bags quickly sold out. 

The unisex bag line which made their newly restocked Bubble Gum line, which includes bags, belts and hats, available for purchase on Oct. 1 has left many disappointed after instantaneously selling out. It’s no shocker the bag sold so swiftly, being that it’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since Beyoncé was caught carrying a white Telfar bag back in July of 2021.

Fashion fans and Beyonce stans alike are now vying to purchase themselves an original Telfar bag, however many weren’t able to—possibly due to an error on the Telfar website. Those who anxiously tried to buy the Bubble Gum version of a Telfar bag claimed that the Telfar website never even gave an option to buy before it immediately became sold out.

“… the do telfar bags sell out without even giving the option to BUY IT,” someone tweeted. 

Others who unsuccessfully scored the pretty pink bag also claimed that the website was stuck on “coming soon” before turning to “sold out.”

“I spent 6 minutes refreshing this page because it said “coming soon” then it randomly said “sold out”… how can the telfar bags be sold out if you never let us purchase it to begin with? @TELFARGLOBAL,” according to a Twitter user.

Whether there was a glitch on the website is unconfirmed, however what is confirmed is just how beloved and sought after a Telfar bag really is. The lowkey bag that is only known by the T encased in a half circle emblem is the newest must-have accessory, especially if it’s white or pink colored. 

Since the introduction of the long handle shopping version of the Telfar bag in 2014, the brand has been dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin” because so many Brooklyn residents wear them, according to Fashion Week Daily. Now the bag has grown beyond just being solely a New York thing into a fashionista thing. 

Named after the bag’s creator—Telfar Clemens—Telfar has been rising up the ranks since its inception in 2005, surpassing household bag brands like Louis Vuitton in popularity amongst younger demographics. 

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