The Frito-Lay Brand’s Famous Hot Cheeto Faces Discontinuation


The phrase “quitting time” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last two years, and who knew the affects of this resignation error would affect our snacks. Frito-Lay has recently had to put rumors of the discontinuation of their popular snack brand to rest when the Hot Cheetos brand reported a shortage of supplies and workers last week.  

Frito-Lay took to twitter to answer customers questions regarding the shortage of many  different flavors of the spicy chip. Since the rumor spread, the company has announced it’s  hiring of 15,000 workers to assist in production and skilled machine operating.  

Twitter was the host to many posts regarding the shortage of Hot Cheetos, prompting folks to consider handling this shortage like we did with the toilet tissue shortage. Due to the lack of workers and supplies, the company announced they would be pausing the  XXL Hot Cheetos, but it won’t be forever.  

Some companies like McDonald’s and Target are posting “For-hire” signs all throughout their store, offering competitive wages. The era of the great resignation has proven to alarm business.  

Frito-Lay isn’t the only company to experience high labor demands with the work force seeing a significant shift due to the pandemic. The era of the great resignation is only accelerating, with reports of about 7% of employees leaving the work force in August. The other aspect of this resignation is also due in-part to the dissatisfaction of wage offers.

Companies like Target and  McDonald’s have increased their entry wage from $15 to $17 in some parts of Los Angeles, California. While more money is a sweet incentive to join companies, the turn of 2020  gave a lot of employees the motivation to quit unfulfilling jobs, increasing entrepreneurship amongst young people.

Frito-Lay has eased our worry for now, but it might be time to savor a bag of Cheetos because it may be a thing of the past in the very near future.

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