Spice Up Your Cocktail With Creole Seasoning This Christmas

Season your Christmas ham and cocktail with the same ingredient, and it’s not honey. It’s Tony  Chachere’s® BOLD Creole Seasoning. 

The popular Louisiana cajun seasoning is moonlighting as an ingredient for cocktails. A food  blogger from San Antonio, Texas, Michelle Sips and Savors, proudly claims fame to being the  genius behind the unique concoction of the Old Cajun Christmas Cocktail.  

The recipe comes from a blend of popular cocktails, the classic mojito and Old Cuban, with  ingredients of simple syrup, Thai basil leaves, Amber rum, lime juice and champagne or in  Michelle’s recipe, replacing a few ingredients like club soda instead of champagne and Dark  rum instead of bourbon. 

The recipe calls for the seasoning, usually reserved for meats or rice recipes, to be muddled  with the simple syrup, Thai basil leaves & creole seasoning for just a hint of cajun flavor not  meant to be a main stage player in taste for the cocktail.  

It’s suggested for the holiday season. Perfect for cocktails you sip on with family members,  maybe close cousins or your favorite sibling who would dare to make it with you in the first place.  

The idea of putting a food seasoning into drinks has all the makings of a popular, or at least a  viral moment, but the buzz around this sauced-up drink is pretty under wraps.


If you’re secretly thinking about trying out the recipe yourself, visit both Michelle’s  michellesipsandsavors on Instagram and Tony Chachere’s website for instructions on how to  craft the perfect cocktail for the holiday.

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