You Might Be Entitled To Compensation If You Use TikTok


TikTok is a social media app that is heavily utilized by Generation Z, many of whom are still minors. The popular app that has a plethora of underaged users is now facing a $92 million dollar class-action lawsuit.

Minor children that have used TikTok and, TikTok’s predecessor, are entitled to a settlement from the multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. 

“According to court documents, a proposed $92 million settlement is pending in the TikTok, Inc., Consumer Privacy Litigation, a lawsuit that alleges the company “violated federal and state law by collecting and using” personal data “in connection with their use of the TikTok – Make Your Day video-sharing application” and its predecessor app,” according to USA Today.

Of course TikTok denies the allegations, reaching a settlement with their Chinese parent company Bytedance back in February, according to court documents per USA Today. On Monday (November 15) TikTok put a settlement notice inside the app. While all minor users on TikTok are able to receive money from the settlement, those that are from Illinois or created content in Illinois are eligible for six times more compensation. 

“The federal lawsuit alleged that TikTok broke the Illinois biometric privacy law, which allows suits against companies that harvest consumer data without consent, including via facial and fingerprint scanning. Illinois is the only state with a law that allows people to seek monetary damages for such unauthorized data collection,” according to USA Today. 

To claim your funds, if you are an eligible party, you would have to have been using the app by Sept. 30 and need to send a claim form by March 1, 2022, according to court documents. per USA Today. 

“The settlement offers four different ways to get the settlement:

  • PayPal, which requires your PayPal email address.
  • Venmo for which you need to include the mobile number associated with your Venmo account.
  • A virtual prepaid card.
  • Or you can choose to get a physical check mailed to the address you provide,” according to USA Today

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