Blueface Opens Up His Own Soul Food Restaurant In The Valley


Rapper Blueface has made hip-hop hits, created his own version of “Bad Girls Club” and is now launching his own soul food restaurant right in the Santa Clarita Valley. In Blueface’s latest Instagram story he included the menu for his new soul food spot Blue’s Fish & Soul. 

California could always have more restaurants that serve authentic southern food, and Blue’s Fish & Soul may be Cali’s next top go-to spot for some good ole’ fried fish. Beyond just being a restaurant owner, Blueface is also putting his cooking skills to use. In his IG story he posted some clips of him frying fish and making mac n’ cheese!

Blueface’s restaurant may be brand new, however so far those that have experienced a taste of Blue’s Fish & Soul have been giving it a thumbs up. Even the restaurant’s blue lemonade is a smash hit!

“Ayo @bluefasebleedem what did y’all do to this lemonade THIS SH-T GAS ” one happy customer posted to his IG story alongside a big cup of the restaurant’s signature blue lemonade.

Another satisfied customer posted an IG story of her Blue’s Fish & Soul meal, showing the meal and the after shot of it fully devoured with only an empty tray left.

Like any standard soul food restaurant of course there’s fried chicken, and Blueface made sure to clarify that on the actual IG page for Blue’s Fish & Soul. 

“We serve chicken as well come by an try blues lemonade,” read the caption of the only post on Blue’s restaurant Instagram page. 

Any foodie willing to try some of Blueface’s soul food can do so anytime Monday through Saturday between 11AM- 8PM or on Sunday between 12PM and 5PM. As a southern Californian I might just take the drive to Santa Clarita so I can say that I actually experienced fried chicken from Blueface.

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