Vegan Dessert Shop Cinnaholic Opens a New Location in Long Beach


Cinnamon rolls are in a lane of their own when it comes to breakfast foods. Fitting both into the dessert and breakfast categories, cinnamon rolls will jumpstart your taste buds into a happy dance just after one bite. Those who are going vegan or have been vegan will now be able to continue experiencing the deliciousness of cinnamon rolls with Cinnaholic. 

On Friday (May 21) the vegan cinnamon roll shop Cinnaholic opened up a new location in Long Beach, CA. The newest Cinnaholic is the fourth southern California location, the other locations currently existing in Brea, Echo Park and Corona.

Cinnaholic, a healthy guilt-free vegan cinnamon roll brand that is also cholesterol-free, offers specialized unique cinnamon rolls with customizable flavors. With over 20 different flavors, fresh and decadent toppings, Cinnaholic is outdoing many other vegan bakery competitors.

Seemingly just another vegan pop-up spot, Cinnaholic has been on the vegan bakery scene for the last 11 years. Since 2009 the vegan cinnamon roll brand has been around, launching their first store in Berkeley, CA. After appearing on Season 5 of ABC’s reality show “Shark Tank,” Cinnaholic’s popularity ascended. Although they received a $200,000 investment for 40% equity the founders declined the offer, choosing to sell their product through brick-and-mortar stores instead of through nationwide shipping.

According to VegOut Magazine, “The Sharks wanted the investment to go toward nationwide shipping, but the founders are set on a brick-and-mortar expansion model.” By focusing on growing their storefronts Cinnaholic has expanded their brand more successfully, creating a familial appeal at every store location and within the company. 

“The swallow featured in the Cinnaholic logo is derived from the traditional sailor tattoo,” according to the Cinnaholic website. “It symbolizes experience, team value & family. After long, treacherous trips, swallows would be the first birds that sailors would see when returning safely to their safe harbor. At Cinnaholic, we want our customers to feel like they are returning to a comforting harbor at all of our locations. We feel the success of our brand is reflected in the dedication and passion of our franchise partners, our corporate team and our employees whom we consider “family.”

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