Tyler the Creator Is Dropping New Music Very, Very Soon

Tyler the Creator

The original flower boy Tyler the Creator is going to be dropping music in the very near future. On Monday Tyler the Creator foreshadowed new music, releasing a snippet of him passionately making out through his pink automobile with a girl standing on a street corner.

Soon after Tyler the Creator tweeted the video with the title “SIDE STREET,” Twitter exploded with speculations about a possible upcoming album in addition to a new single.

Some fans even declared that he was dropping a new album, insisting that the album title is “Call Me If You Get Lost” —the ending phrase of the video snippet.

“Looks like Tyler The Creator’s new album is titled “Call Me If You Get Lost,” someone tweeted with eye emojis.

This assumption is further supported by the fact that just last week Tyler the Creator posted Billboards with the phrase “Call Me If You Get Lost” and a number attached. Those daring enough to call would be hit with a recording of him and his mother talking, leading fans to believe that it was a potential interlude called “Momma Talk.” 

After Tyler dropped the Grammy winning album Igor in 2019 Mr. Wolf Haley went on a mini-hiatus from music, dropping only  singles “Group B” and “Best Interest” all of 2020. This potential project will be Tyler the Creator’s first album in two years.

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