Duckie Thot Is The New Face Of Swimwear Line Oceanus

Duckie Thot

The beautifully melanated and mesmerizing Sudanese-Australian fashion model Duckie Thot is the new face of the London-based swimwear line Oceanus. Ms. Thot is the frontwoman for the brand’s new swimwear collection “CASA DEL DUCKIE,” and the center for Oceanus newest swimwear campaign. 

Retro-glam is a definite theme for Oceanus, and the incomparable photographer Daniel Sachon inserted the 80’s beachwear aesthetic into the “CASA DEL DUCKIE” campaign. Thot being captured in a Miami Vice-esque mansion wearing Oceanus’ latest swimwear, in some cases with a parakeet on her arm, accentuated the new pieces the brand is debuting.

Each new piece maintained the essence of the brand, consisting of Oceanus’ distinctive embroidery and asymmetrical swimsuits. Additionally the campaign also presents a lineup of new swimsuits that embody the brightness of summer.

Oceanus new swimwear collection includes a new yellow toned one-shoulder bathing suit, a lavender bikini with gold embroidery, a form-fitting Orca mini dress and a hand-embroidered crystal bra top and biker shorts set.

Oceanus “CASA DEL DUCKIE” collection taps into the mystique that made the 1980’s arguably one the greatest decades, reigniting the glamor that was lost to the mundanity of the pandemic. 

“The ‘Casa Del Duckie’ campaign is a heightened version of reality. With the world being turned upside down over the last year, I wanted to create a collection which showed the at-home world in a glam, unapologetic way which is inspired by the mystique of the late 1980s and 1990s,” Oceanus founder Hannah Attalah tells HYPEBAE. 

When looking for who to partner with to bring Oceanus’ new collection to life Duckie Thot was Attalah’s ultimate choice.

“We partnered with Duckie as she represents everything the brand signifies: strength, glam, women’s empowerment and a boss woman attitude. She is a mob boss,” Attalah adds.

Duckie Thot is definitely a boss and now we can be bosses too with “CASA DEL DUCKIE!”

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