It’s All About The Baked Feta: Origins Of The Viral “TikTok Pasta”

TikTok Pasta

TikTok is a wonderland filled with short clip videos of makeup tutorials, styling tips and cooking recipes. Whether you’re looking to just pass time or genuinely looking for creative inspiration, TikTok will keep you preoccupied continuously.

In some cases, this preoccupation will lead to experimentation and even replication. One of the most recreated TikTok videos as of late is the “TikTok Pasta,” also known as baked feta pasta. Consisting of only a few ingredients, the simple baked feta pasta recipe is heavily trending on TikTok, gaining acclaim from many who try it. 

The simple yet delicious feta pasta dish comprises a block of feta cheese, olive oil, roasted tomatoes and pasta noodles—typically penne. For those who like a little more pizazz, meat, shellfish or other seasonings can be added for extra oomph. 

Although the “TikTok Pasta” seemingly just appeared in the digital sphere—possibly stemming from a traditional recipe passed around from the generation—it’s origins is traceable to three chefs. Before it was “TikTok Pasta” it was UnniFetaPasta, and before that it was known Prosecco Spaghetti

According to Huffpost, “Jenni Häyrinen, a Finnish food blogger who has been sharing her recipes for 14 years, is responsible for creating the Finnish feta shortage [UnnieFetaPasta] you may have heard something about when she first shared the recipe in February 2019.”

A year before that food blogger Tiiu Piret created the “Prosecco Spaghetti,” the foundation for UnnieFetaPasta.

“One year earlier in 2018, created what she then called “Prosecco Spaghetti.” It’s a slightly more complicated version of UuniFetaPasta, made with feta, of course, but also Prosecco, onions and honey,” according to HuffPost.

The third chef added to the equation is Florida based chef Mackenzie Smith.

Credited with popularizing the feta pasta in America, “Smith heard about the recipe from a Finnish friend and made it for her followers, giving credit to Häyrinen in September 2019, when she was, as she said, “super pregnant,” according to HuffPost.

Smith then posted the video to her TikTok sometime during 2019, sparking millions of views and a thousands of new followers. 

Since then feta has been all the rage and one of the top cooking trends of 2021.

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