Grand Recorders Studio Remix’s it’s Purpose As Grandmaster Restaurant

One person’s trash can be another person’s treasured dining experience. I’ll assume that’s the disposition Australian entrepreneurs Grant Smillie and David Combes of Botanical Hospitality Group had when they decided to add the historic Grand Recorders Studio to their list of large luxury dining venues.  

Grandmaster Restaurant launched on Thursday as a three-space dining establishment with a main restaurant, lounge and rooftop, taking over the iconic Grandmaster Recorders studio. Grandmaster Recorders is home to the makings of popular albums Songs in The Key of Life by Stevie Wonder and Late Registration by Kanye West.  

The restaurant doesn’t just want the venue to be the main selling point of the experience. Eatery details on one of the menu (s) to be encapsulating the energy of Rock & Roll with its modern Italian-Australian fused restaurant. The robust menu of the Grandmaster Restaurant area includes items like honeynut squash, Kokuho Rice Risotto and Orecchiette with slow cooked margra lamb.

Chef Monty Kulodrovic from Austria has created a specific menu to match the location’s revered reputation, forcing Grandmaster Restaurant to fill the big historical space in a unique way. The ambience of the eatery is as grand as its name. Most of the pictures on the website seems to be taken from a long angled distance, not to flex it but it ensure they are capturing the huge space.

There seem to be a botanical aura that doesn’t necessarily make you think you’ll come there to sign a record deal, however I don’t think it’s impossible. The rooftop area has great views, and the dining in this restaurant would be about mildly to moderately expensive. The highest item on the menu costs $150 for the catch of the day.  

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