The Coffee Bean Releases Two Blended Holiday Drinks That Slap (A Review)

Tis’ the season for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf holiday menu, reminding us it’s time to get into the spirit, break out the Mariah Carey Christmas album and blast it until Valentine’s Day. And what better way to enjoy the holiday other than with flavorful espressos, latte, coffee blends and much more?

Driving pass The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and seeing the advertisement for the Peppermint  Mocha Crumble and Cookie Butter flavors for lattes, I was instantly reminded Christmas time is approaching and that’s basically the only time of the year you can silence the guilt of eating an incessant amount of sugar for no other reason than it’s the holidays. Perusing the full menu, I landed on The Cookie Butter Ice Blended drink and it was as good as one might think. I got it with whip cream, and if you’re asking for suggestions: get it with the whip cream.  

The sweet reminiscent taste of cookie butter hits you right away but it’s paired perfectly, almost surpassing the shots of espresso blended together. It’s sweet and the crumble topping only adds to the texture, taste and joyful experience.  

I was lucky to be behind a customer ordering the Peppermint Mocha blended drink and stayed around long enough to ask for a quick review. They raved about the drink having  a hint of peppermint mixed in with the mocha and reminded them of, “when you use[d] to steal peppermint candy canes from the Christmas tree and just suck on them.” 

I vote The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf released a winning menu with the two holiday iced drinks alone but the full menus includes a few more delectable treats that sounds pretty hard to resist including, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Winter Dream Tea Latte, Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew,  holiday gingerbread cookies.  

I’ll definitely be back for another Cookie Butter Iced Blend before it’s gone January 4th 2022.

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