‘Vax That Thang Up’ Before You Enjoy Your Hot Girl Or Hot Boy Summer


Cash Money Records already took over for the 9-9 and 2000’s, and now they’re taking over helping people get to their local vaccination site. 

In a special rendition of the legendary twerk anthem “Back That Thang Up,” Cash Money Records alumni Juvenile and Mannie Fresh linked back up for “Vax That Thang Up.” While Lil’ Wayne isn’t on the remixed track, doing the infamous outro, the iconic No Limit soldier Mia X stepped in and did the outro like only she could. 

The COVID-19 vaccine version of the 1999 hit was a remix that I am sure none of us foreseen, nor one that former Cash Money Records artists would expect to be doing. Juvenile and Mannie Fresh’s pro-vax single may seem random, albeit there is nothing wrong with encouraging others to get vaccinated, however it’s actually a PSA campaign for the dating app BLK.

BLK collaborating with them for their creative public service announcement was intended to remind those using their app that before they start in-person dating a vaccination is a must. The dating app was specifically created for Black singles, hence why the PSA was so unapologetically Black.

Juvenile agreeing to team up with BLK stems from him wanting to help “calm fears” within the Black community in regards to the COVID-19 vaccine, according to TMZ. As of July 4, 2021 only 12% of African-American’s have been vaccinated in the entire U.S., according to the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

The “Vax That Thang Up” remix may or may not get people running to their nearest vaccination site, however it is getting people talking. How can “Vax That Thang Up” not spark a conversation when the chorus is: 

“Girl, you looks good, won’t you vax that thang up / You’s a handsome young brother, won’t you vax that thang up / Date in real life you need to vax that thang up / Feeling freaky all night you need to vax that thang up.”

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