Colorful Eyeliner Is The Look For The Spring Season

Colorful Eyeliner

A new season is among us and that means new trends are right around the corner. As many of us emerge from the cold winter months into a vibrant spring we also emerge into a new style that compliments the change in weather.

If you are a makeup enthusiast like myself then you most likely incorporate themes into your makeup looks, using the seasons as inspiration. One major theme that is becoming more prominent in beauty this spring season is colored eyeliner. Although bright eyeliner has been regaining popularity since last year, it has been increasing in relevancy since graphic eyeliner has become the look again.  

For those looking to experiment with colorful eyeliner or just add some color to their eye makeup routine, check out the top 5 brands that have the most beautifully bold liner every woman needs!

Kulfi Beauty Kajal Eyeliner

The Indian-owned brand has a vivacious charcoal eyeliner that gets rave reviews from many that try the smooth liner. Kulfi Beauty’s Kajal Eyeliner comes in multiple unbudgeable colors that are highly pigmented. 

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner

ColourPop Cosmetics is adorned for their bold and bright-colored makeup, especially their eyeliner. The fine-tipped eyeliner pen gives you a precise line and comes in a variety of gorgeous hues. 

Fenty Beauty Flypencil

Fenty is always the model when it comes to cosmetics due to their vast range of foundation colors and products that compliment melanated skin. Within the Fenty Beauty line the Fenty Flypencil is one of the standout products. Coming in a multitude of shades, Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil is a long lasting eyeliner that can brighten any makeup look. 

NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner

This eyeliner will have your eyes looking like they should be on a Bratz Doll! The NYX Vivid Brights Liner thoroughly defines the eyes, offering traditional light liner colors and neon liner colors for those a bit more adventurous.

e.l.f. Cosmetics No Budge Shadow Stick

Okay, so this may be an eyeshadow stick, however it also makes a good eyeliner. The metallic shades are creamy and extremely easy to apply due to the eyeshadow being in stick form. The small pointy tip also makes the e.l.f eyeshadow stick a good eyeliner alternative, beneficial for those looking for a colorful eyeliner to brighten the entire eye area.

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