Tanerélle Models For Playboy As The New Miss December


As Tanerélle continually makes strides in the music industry, she also is progressing in the modeling world. Singer-songwriter and actress Tanerélle makes Playboy history as she becomes the 40th African-American playmate.

Glowing in crystallized lingerie and a fishnet dress exposing her skin underneath, Tanerélle completely stuns as Miss December for Playboy. Embodying Black beauty, the Mama Saturn singer proudly represented Black women as she wore her signature afro in some of the Playboy photos.

Tanerélle’s embracement of naturalness is body positivity at its finest. Although Tanerélle is more of a naturalista, she still believes women are entitled to alter themselves however they want as long as they remain true to themselves.

“I think people get the meaning of body positivity twisted,” Tanerélle told MadameNoire via email. “Body positivity doesn’t mean you can’t change anything about your body, it means doing whatever you see fit to embrace [it]. Love on yourself and do things because you want to and not because someone else said it’d be better this way or look better that way.”

Bouncing back from her 2019 dress controversy, Tanerélle is stepping into her destiny with a new attitude.

“Since I was a girl all I’ve heard is “Can I call you Tan? can I call you T? Can I call you,” Tanerélle begins in her Instagram caption.” “Now I request that people call me by my name. It took me a long time to get comfortable correcting people when they mispronounce it and even longer to not allow people to nickname me if I wasn’t ok with it. But I love my name now, this name my mother gave me…I am one of a kind. I am Tanerélle (tuh-nair-ree-elle) Cosmic Goddess of Light & Love.”

Tanerélle’s music is just as alluring as she is, captivating the listener within seconds of hearing the melody. Breaking into the entertainment world through her music, Tanerélle has crafted a unique musical sound that is ethereal. With songs like “Mama Saturn”, “Nothing Without You,” and “Love From NGC 7318,” Tanerélle auditorily teleports you into another dimension as she soothingly guides you with her sensuous voice and enticing lyricism. 

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