Omarion Starts The #OmarionChallenge By Just Being Him


Omarion has been gracing fans with his performance abilities since he broke out onto the scene as the leader of R&B group B2K in the early 2000’s. For almost 20 years Omarion has been causing his women fans to swoon over him, and male fans to emulate him each time he busted out into a swaggy dance routine.

Still influencing others through his dance talents, Omarion has now unintentionally begun a new TikTok dance challenge after a video of him performing in Chicago gained popularity on the app. The original video of Omarion’s freestyle solo dance break during a Chicago concert that was posted by TikTok user @twinklestarr11 in January 2021 has transitioned from just another concert clip into the #OmarionChallenge.

Everyone is doing their rendition of Omarion’s 9-second dance break, some dressing up similar to how Omarion did in the original video—long jacket included. Despite the original video being 6-years-old, the TikTok user uploaded the video to YouTube in May of 2015, it still has fans in a frenzy.

TikTok’s #OmarionChallenge is so major at the moment that it already has 6.8M views under the TikTok hashtag, and actually got a response from Mr. Unbothered himself. 

#Omarionchallenge Thank you to all of the funny people on the internet for making this a thing. [insert laughing emoji] It was only right that I join in again. #Jokesonyou #millenniumtour2021,” Omarion tweeted alongside a video of him doing the #OmarionChallenge.

Fans are loving the humorous side of O, appreciating that not only did Omarion hit the #OmarionChallenge, but he also had his back-up dancers hit it as well. 

“I love that Omarion did the Omarion challenge lol backup dancers and all,” someone tweeted. 

Seeing O embrace the #OmarionChallenge, diverting from his typical low-key approach to social media, and taking back the challenge is what makes it even more hilarious. It is always funny when social media challenges that stem from someone’s viral moment are recreated by the someone that the viral social media challenge was based on. 

If die-hard Omarion fandom isn’t enough to get your ticket to the upcoming Millennial Tour, then maybe getting a chance to see O do the #OmarionChallenge live will be.

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