Pepsi X Peeps Collaborate To Launch A New Soda That Should’ve Been Called ‘Peepsi’


Pepsi and Peeps are linking up to drop a new marshmallow flavored soda! Although people are ready for the new limited edition Pepsi, some think it should’ve been called “Peepsi.”

The collaboration sparks sentimentality as the two biggest brands that were prominent in most of our childhoods join forces to create something straight from our 9-year-old selves fantasy. Many of us can recall our kid selves trying to fit the most peep marshmallows in our mouth before tapping out, clearing our taste buds with a Pepsi.

Since Peeps and Pepsi are very near and dear to many of our hearts, most Pepsi and Peeps fans were disappointed to see that the brands didn’t merge their names for their collab.

“I’m just mad they aren’t calling it Peepsi,” Kenny Keil tweeted.

Other foodies shared the same perspective.

“A seasonal marshmallow treat and the second best soda brand combine and they don’t call the flavour Peepsi? Y’all messed up,” another Twitter user said. 

Some were even annoyed that the new partnership chose not to name their new soda “Peepsi.”

“Not as grossed out by this as I am annoyed that they won’t just call it “Peepsi,” a Twitter user said. 

Although some people feel like the new mashup deserved to be named something different, the mashup is nostalgic nonetheless. Despite the major buzz surrounding the new soda and great anticipation for its release, the new soda won’t be dropping this year.

While the new Marshmallow Cola may not be available for purchase, individuals can still win some. 

“Fans can enter the sweepstakes to win some by hashtagging “#HangingWithMyPEEPS” on their social media photos. More specifically, the prompt tells you to share photos enjoying your favorite springtime activities—”in a safe, socially distant manner,” of course,” according to People. 

Those lucky enough to win will get the first taste of the sweet Peeps-flavored Pepsi.

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