Protestors Challenge New York’s Indoor Dining Mandate at Local Burger King

Anti-vaxxers are back causing a ruckus in New York, but instead of causing discord at the Cheesecake Factory, they ignited dismay at a Burger King in Brooklyn on Monday night. Attempting to fight New York’s vaccine mandate, protesters stormed the Burger King mask-less.

The party of five protesters refused to show proof of vaccination, a requirement under New York’s indoor eating mandate policy, which enacted the employees right to deny them service. 

“Certain types of indoor entertainment, recreation, dining and fitness establishments are required to check that their visitors and staff are vaccinated,” according to the  NYC Counsel to the Mayor

Although employees repeatedly ask the anti-vaxxers to leave, the group remained and continued to demand service. Burger King’s anti-vax crew ended up arrested, and charged of course. According to the cops, all five of the anti-vaxxers were charged with trespassing and remaining unlawfully inside of the Burger King. 

What happened to the five Burger King anti-mandators is practically what happened in mid-December to a group of about 50 anti-vaxxers that decided to storm into a Cheesecake Factory in Queens. Each time an anti-vax group tries to take a stance and break the law in the name of protest they end up arrested.

At what point does fighting for what you believe to be right become not worth the trouble it will bring? Everyone is entitled to remain steadfast in their decisions and convictions, however there comes a time where you have to evaluate your understandings.

No one is saying there is anything wrong with being vaccinated, because at the end of the day it’s your body and your choice. The problem arises when anti-vaxxers, who also tend to be anti-maskers, impose their choices on members of the public who believe masks and vaccines are necessary tools needed to stop COVID-19.

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