Protestors Take Over The Cheesecake Factory in Queens, New York

Cheesecake Factory

Ever since the mask and vaccine mandates have been implemented there has been an uproar from those who refuse to believe that those mandates are a necessity. Many Americans who are against doing what needs to be done to stop the spread of the coronavirus, dubbed anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, are steadily standing by their convictions.

Some are so steadfast in their beliefs that they’re willing to hold protests that support their right to not be legally obligated to mask up or get vaccinated because of government policies. With the new mandate, which requires customers to show a proof of vaccination before accessing certain businesses like restaurants in certain states, many anti-vaxxers have been motivated to take action.

On Tuesday (December 14) night a group of approximately 50 anti-mandate supporters gathered together in protest, staging a sit-in at Queens Center Mall’s food court in New York City. Every person involved in the protest refused to show proof of vaccination, then took their protest party to the mall’s Cheesecake Factory to dine-in.

The plethora of protesters planned to have dessert and drinks at the restaurant without showing proof of vaccination, however each protestor was denied because they didn’t show that proof. Despite the Cheesecake factory refusing to serve them, the determined group sat anyway—forcing the establishment to call the authorities after the protesters didn’t abide by NYC’s indoor dining mandate. 

Even after the arrival of the authorities the anti-vaxxer enthusiasts continued to argue their “right” to service, although they were violating New York law. Like expected, the New York police upheld the law and made it clear that the protesters weren’t exempt from being arrested because they were breaking it.

“The manager is asking you to leave, that’s their decision. If you guys refuse to leave we’re going to give you every opportunity to leave but if you eventually refuse to leave when we tell you to leave we will be arresting you,” one officer told group members in a video of the incident.

After all the commotion the group caused on Tuesday night, they are making another return Wednesday (December 15) night.

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