Cardi B Tries Everything In Upcoming Series ‘Cardi Tries___’


Hip-Hop superstar and television personality Cardi B will be getting adventurous in her new Facebook Messenger series “Cardi Tries___”. The new show will launch on Feb.4th 2021, featuring guest appearances from other celebrities throughout the series.

Cardi B has never been one afraid of risks, often pushing the limits and provocatively redefining trends. In “Cardi Tries___,” Cardi B will embark on escapades like race car driving, ranching, sushi making, basketball and ballet.

A few of the celebrities that will join Cardi B on her experimental journey through different career fields will be dance choreographer Debbie Allen, Portland Trail Blazers basketball star Damian Lillard, and “Fast & Furious” actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Although Cardi B is more fearless than most, she won’t be trying anything without guidance from the experts within the particular field she is attempting to do on “Cardi Tries__.” Facebook Watch is launching this interactive show as a part of their new “Watch Together” feature. 

 “Cardi Tries ___ will be available to view over video calls through Instagram, Messenger, and Messenger Rooms via Watch Together,” according to the Rolling Stone. While some are still abiding by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders —more so those who are in California— “Cardi Tries__” will keep us virtually laughing together with friends as we watch the comedic events.

Cardi B will be one of the executive producers on the show, in addition to Jessie Collins, Dionne Harmon and Todd Yasui. Collins is best known for executive producing “The New Edition story” and “The Bobby Brown Story.”

Harmon has executive produced most of the Black award shows including,  the BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards and Soul Train Awards. Additionally, Yasui has executive produced prominent talk shows like “Red Table Talk” and fun battle shows like the “Lip Sync Battle.”

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