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“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers“- Roy Ayers


Material Girl

From Madonna to Saucy Santana—The Legacy of ‘Material Girl’

Lately almost every other viral video on social media has included Saucy Santana’s snappy song Material Girl as the background music for short-video visuals. Throughout 2021 Santana’s bass-filled single was the theme song, and still remains to be in 2022, for any high-maintenance girl (or boy) that enjoys the luxurious lifestyle.

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River Tiber

River Tiber Finally Drops A New R&B Track, and it’s Glorious

A new serenade from the tuneful Canadian singer River Tiber is finally here. His newest single Sent from Above is enrapturing, putting anyone who listens at-risk of spiraling down a tunnel of emotions that revolve around the idea of love. Finding it, appreciating it, admiring it—that sorta thing. 

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Day Sulan

4Hunnid’s Leading Lady Day Sulan is a Hip Hop Star in the Making

The first lady of YG’s rap label 4Hunnid Day Sulan is slowly blowing up on the hip hop scene, gaining more fans with each new rap single and sexy twerk-filled performance. Transitioning from the exotic dance world into the music one, Day Sulan holds her own as a rapper, strongly standing out among other upcoming women hip hop stars.

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Rico Nasty Playboi Carti's

Rico Nasty Experiences Issues While on Playboi Carti’s Tour

During the Oregon show of Playboi Carti’s King Vamp Tour on Saturday (November 13) the “Smack a B**h” rapper received a water bottle thrown at her—unprovoked by the way. Not that anyone deserves to be hit by a water bottle, but some artists wouldn’t spark any shock or care if they were to hypothetically be hit by one. But I digress.

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Summer Walker Switches Up Her Style On ‘Ex for a Reason’

Summer Walker’s newest song Ex for a Reason just dropped today (October 15), and it is already trending. Anticipation heightened for Walker’s new album after she dropped the promo Instagram video for her upcoming album Still Over It last week, however the prefacing single isn’t resonating well with fans. At least not at this moment.

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‘Caresha Please!’ Saucy Santana Is Becoming The Biggest Trend of 2021

The dynamic duo City Girls is gaining even more popularity as a dynamic trio. Saucy Santana, a honorary member of City Girls, takes over social media anytime he goes on Instagram live with City Girls member Yung Miami. The longtime friends are the true definition of everyday BFF’s, roasting each other all-the-while hyping each other up. 

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Rolling Loud

The Ladies in Hip Hop Dominated Rolling Loud 2021, And Here’s Why

Dominating this year’s music festival was none other than the fabulous ladies that have been making a major impact in hip hop. Holding their own alongside their male counterparts Da Baby and Lil Baby, the leading hip hop ladies Meg Thee Stallion, Latto and Rico Nasty were the true Rolling Loud MVP’s.

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Kota the Friend

Kota The Friend Allegedly Abused His Ex-Fiancé And Maybe Other Women

Within the matter of a few days another woman has come out against rapper Kota the Friend, and this time this woman is Kota’s ex-fiancé Gabriella C. On Friday (July 2) Ms. Gabriella took to twitter to release a statement, accusing Kota the Friend of being “mentally and emotionally abusive” during their relationship.

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Kota the Friend

Kota The Friend Is Accused Of Grooming, Mental Abuse, Strangling and More

Despite being a seemingly gentle soul with a romantic side, Kota the Friend may have skeletons in his closet that many of us wouldn’t have guessed. Just recently Kota the Friend’s alleged ex-girlfriend, who goes by Teyo, took to Twitter to share a disheartening story about the alleged abuse she endured during their relationship. 

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IDK Creates A New Harvard University Music Program For BIPOC

Rapper IDK is helping other aspiring music artists achieve their dreams with his new music program. The “Shoot My Shot” rapper has collaborated with Harvard University, creating the free music business program No Label Academy.  No Label Academy will be geared towards BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), enabling members of those communities with an…

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Lorde Is Releasing Two New Singles, According To Twitter

Before the phenomenon that is Billie Eilish, there was Lorde. Back in 2013 Lorde’s voice was inescapable, her hit song “Royals” dominating the radio, store music playlists and MTV music video shows alike. While “Royals” put Lorde on the map, her debut album “Pure Heroine” skyrocketed her into superstardom and made her the new dark pop sensation of the early 2010’s.

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Coi Leray

Coi Leray Is Billboard’s Latest R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie Of The Month

While “No More Parties” remix While “No More Parties” remix featuring Lil Durk was Coi Leray’s first song to make it to the Billboard Hot 100, it was quickly joined by her latest hit “Big Purr (Prrdd)” with Poo Shiesty. For the last 8 consecutive weeks 23-year-old breakout star rapper has remained on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, earning Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month. 

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Kaalan Walker

Kaalan Walker a.k.a WHOKR Drops ‘Something To Say’ Freestyle Amid Sexual Assault Accusations

Upon his release from prison on Thursday (March 4), women that had been allegedly sexually assaulted by KR shared their experiences on social media. Strong supporters of these women were 25-year-old singer Kehlani and 27-year-old model Indyamarie, both calling out KR for being an alleged “serial rapist.”

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Flo Milli Samples ‘Dora The Explorer’ In New Single ‘Back Pack’

As of late, Flo Milli has showcased her bars on a unique beat that is taken straight from one of Generation Z’s favorite childhood shows, “Dora The Explorer.” On the new single “Back Pack,” Flo Milli turns the kid friendly “Backpack” song from “Dora The Explorer” into a new trap anthem. 

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Rebecca Black Releases New ‘Friday’ Remix On The 10th Anniversary Of Her Viral Song ‘Friday’

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the “Friday” 2011 release, Rebecca Black has revamped her one-hit with a new aesthetic and more electro-pop sound in the 2021 “Friday” Remix. The now 23-year-old singer transforms the original cute bubblegum teen friendly song and music video into a techno pop tune accompanied with visuals that depict Black’s more sensual side.

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